Stanford University – June 19, 2014


Deodorant, Diet, Dollars- Recent Successes in Reducing Deforestation

Sharon Smith – Union of Concerned Scientists




a.Muse Gallery, San Francisco – July 31, 2014


What’s Behind Brazil’s Big Drop in Amazon Deforestation?

Dr. Daniel Nesptad – Earth Innovation Institute

Stanford University – September 25, 2014


Illegal Gold Mining, Mercury Contamination and Deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon

Luis Fernandez – Carnegie Amazon Mercury Ecosystem Project

California Academy of Sciences – November 18, 2014


Conserving Ethiopia’s Forests + Canopy Climbing Activity

Dr. Margaret Lowman – California Academy of Sciences

a.Muse Art Gallery- December 18, 2014

Forest event hosted by Earth Innovation Institute

– Daniel Nepstad (Earth Innovation)
– Greg Asner (Carnegie Institution for Science)
– Rhett Butler (Mongabay)
– Michael Jenkins (Forest Trends)
– Cynthia Ong (LEAP – Land Empowerment Animals People)