May 2015 BATFN – Beyond the Hashtag (Palo Alto)

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We’re pleased to announce that the May 2015 BATFN will take place from 6pm-8pm at the Patagonia Store in Palo Alto. Dave Grenell, co-founder of Rainforest Connection, and Rhett Butler, founder
of Mongabay.org, will speak about emerging technology and forest activism.

Apr 2015 BATFN – The Last Place on Earth: Exposing the Threats to the Leuser Ecosystem (San Francisco)

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Join Rainforest Action Network’s Gemma Tillack and Chelsea Matthews and special guest Tezar Pahlevie, Indonesian field ranger for the Leuser Ecosystem, as they discuss the threats to this incredible ecosystem and the solutions needed to ensure its survival.

Special forest event in San Francisco

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On December 18th, Earth Innovation Institute is hosting a happy hour and discussion on forests and climate change, and California’s critical role in addressing these issues.

Nov 2014 BATFN: Conserving Ethiopia’s Forests (California Academy of Sciences)

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Conserving the Forests of Ethiopia – One Church at a Time? NOTE: THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!   We’re pleased to announce that the November 2014 BATFN will take place from 5pm-7pm at the California Academy of Sciences, and will feature a talk given by Dr. Margaret (Meg) Lowman, Chief of Science and Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences. The focus for this event is Ethiopia, which is part of one of the more unusual forest regions of the planet. Come learn about how conservationists are working in this part of Africa, including auctioning the naming rights of species to fund conservation efforts. Come early to participate in a unique opportunity to join our speaker, “Canopy Meg” Lowman, for a short expedition into the treetops just outside the Cal Academy. Meg and her team of onsite canopy access experts will offer a short climb activity from 4-5 PM. You...

Sept BATFN: the impacts of gold mining in the Amazon

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Join us on Thursday, Sept. 25 at 6:00pm at this academic year’s first Bay Area Tropical Forest Network (BATFN) event, held at the Carnegie Department of Global Ecology (260 Panama Street) on Stanford Campus. Luis Fernandez, Director of the Carnegie Amazon Mercury Ecosystem Project, will discuss the dynamics that have made artisanal gold mining both the primary driver of deforestation in the Western Amazon.

July 2014 BATFN: Saving the Amazon (San Francisco)

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The July 2014 BATFN will take place from 6pm-8:30pm Jul 31 at a.Muse gallery (614 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94110). We’re pleased to announce that Dan Nesptad, Senior Scientist & Executive Director at the Earth Innovation Institute, will be presenting.

June 2014 BATFN: Deodorant, Diet, Dollars (@Stanford)

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The June 2014 BATFN will take place from 6pm-8:30pm Jun 19 at the Carnegie Institution complex at Stanford University. We’re pleased to announce that Sharon Smith of the Union of Concerned Scientists will present “Deodorant, Diet, Dollars—Recent Successes in Reducing Deforestation”.

May 2014 BATFN: Palm Oil’s Impact on Indonesian Communities

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The next BATFN will take place May 1, 2014 at 6pm at the RAN office. We’re pleased to announce that Ratri Kusumohartono from Sawit Watch will be presenting.